Say Goodbye to Bedhead & Sheetface

The NEW Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase lets you wake up and be seen!

Just a quick brush or finger comb-through and your hair is ready to go! PLUS you won’t get those annoying sleep lines on your face that lead to permanent wrinkles!

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How It Works

The sleep surface of the Sleek & Smooth Pillowcase is made of MicroSpring Textile which has thousands of micro filament that constantly bend & flex and act as tiny springs to reduce pressure. Also this material is knit not woven like cotton, blends and even silk or satin. Knit fabric has “give" which allows skin and hair to move easily over it reducing grinding friction. Additionally, the MicroSpring Textile is breathable as well as hydrophobic which means it does not rob your hair and skin of moisture. Because the moisture is not being sucked our of your hair and face and onto your pillowcase, your hair and skin stay moisturized. You hair also does not "set" into the messy bedhead state because there is no moisture in the pillowcase causing it to do that.

As an extra bonus the CuTec copper yarns in the
Sleek & Smooth Pillowcase are proven to enhance skin texture tone & wellness as well as kill bacteria and germs.


“I was waking up with red blotches and creases on my face every morning as well as bad bedhead that got me some pretty strange looks when I’d go out for coffee in the morning. I realized that the blotches and lines were caused by friction and pressure so I used the same micro spring textile from my DermaSaver pressure reduction and skin protection product line to create the Sleek & Smooth Pillowcase. I found a difference right away and after spending one night at a hotel without my Sleek & Smooth Pillowcase, the red blotches reappeared.“

“We offered the Sleek & Smooth Pillowcase as a solution for sleep lines as they lead to permanent wrinkles on your face. The first people who used it noticed the elimination of sleep lines but also noticed an additional benefit which I had noticed too. Ending bedhead! My bedhead hair could be tamed with a few brush strokes. Sleek & Smooth Pillowcase users were telling me that they were waking up with their hair looking like it had just been styled. It's a great timesaver for busy people who are on the go in morning and don't want to "get ready" just to do a few errands or go to the gym.”




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Stops Sleep Lines that Cause Wrinkles.

This 8 pound ball simulates the pressure on your face every night as you sleep. The weight causes the
standard woven pillowcase to form creases that cause sleep lines that lead to wrinkles. Even when using
a high-quality memory foam pillow.

The same weight on the Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase causes NO creasing!


Regular woven pillowcase
on a high-qulaity memory foam pillow
  DermaSaver Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase
on the same high-quality memory foam pillow









Kills harmful bacteria

A swatch of Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase fabric was placed in a petrie dish on top of a dense bacterial culture...
After just a few hours the bacteria was destroyed where the swatch had been placed.










Eliminates the Need for Moisturizers.

Watch our Science video at the top of the page demonstrating how woven pillowcase fabric sucks moisture from your skin & hair while the Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase fabric does not!













Stop Sleep Lines that Cause Wrinkles.

The new DermaSaver® Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase with CuTEC™ Copper fibers protects your face
from damaging friction and pressure.





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DermaSaver products were developed in 2006 by company founder and former engineer Ed Goodwin. The first constructions were designed to reduce pressure, shear, and friction in immobile nursing home and hospital patients. The brand grew rapidly because nurses and doctors quickly saw the excellent results produced in their patients from this revolutionary new product line (the results from institutions can be seen at

The DermaSaver material is a unique three dimensional knit fabric designed with the same physical properties of human shin and soft tissue. It consists of two fabric layers connected by microfilliments.

These microfilliments  act as little microsprings that constantly flex and relax as a body part puts alternating pressure during small movements. The pressure to cause these microfilliments to flex equals the same pressure to compress skin, so it is push-back neutral. In addition to being like an extra layer of skin the DermaSaver surface yarns are knit silky smooth to reduce friction.

This illustration shows the internal microfilliments that flex and relax as the body moves. Although the DermaSaver material feels like foam, it is a breathable and washable all fabric construction.


The Rex Durometer is an industry standard gauge for measuring the softness of foams. The indenting pin is connected to the recording dial mechanism which displays the reading.

Materials with a similar Durometer reading will not produce a pressure differential at their contact surface.



Durometer reading from skin (30)

Rex Durometer


Durometer reading from DermaSaver (30) matches skin

Here it is shown that both the DermaSaver material and human skin measure a reading of about 30, indicating that the DermaSaver material is mechanically similar to skin and soft tissue. It is therefore capable of reducing skin pressure because it does not push back with a greater force
that of the skin.






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DermaSaver Institutional Pillowcase Case study




A 24 year old male with muscular dystrophy presented to the clinic on April 01, 2008 with a pressure wound on his left ear. The caregiver reports patient is laid on the left side due to contractures and respiratory difficulty while on his right side. The wound measurement on the left ear was 1.5cm x 0.9cm x 0.1cm. The following wound care orders were given, to cleanse ear daily with normal saline and apply thin layer of zinc oxide and to use DermaSaver Pressure Reduction Pillow Case while in bed. The patient returned on April 14, 2008 with no measurable wound and intact skin on his left ear. The skin on his left ear was pink with no drainage or reddened areas present. The care giver states he had used the DermaSaver Pressure Reduction Pillow Case for ten days and saw improvement almost immediately.




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In the winter of 2011, product developer and inventor of DermaSaver pressure reduction products, Ed Goodwin started to get sleep friction red areas over his cheek bones. At first he tried ointments on these raw red areas with little benefit. Sleeping on his back was not an option because he could not maintain that position throughout the night.  Even though he slept on a soft memory foam pillow these red areas persisted for weeks. He then slept on one of his DermaSaver institutional pressure reduction pillowcases. The red areas totally disappeared after 2 days. Being in charge of product development he wondered if less layers could provide the same benefit. Several tries were made with less layers and finally it was found that one layer provided the same preventative benefit. Over the course of several months the red areas never returned except on two occasions. On two separate one night hotel stays, a month apart, the red areas returned each time. The woven cotton pillow case was the likely culprit!

He then began looking into the difference between the woven cotton pillowcase and the DermaSaver pillowcase. Below is the difference he found:


The standard woven cotton pillowcase properties:

The Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase:

Another benefit of the Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase is the reduction of "bedhead hair". Prior to using the Sleek & Smooth™ pillowcase, Ed Goodwin, the inventor of DermaSaver, woke up with a bedhair "permanent" each morning. No amount of combing or brushing could undo the messy hair that developed from a nights sleep. Only a shampoo and new styling could make a presentable hairdo. Another surprising benefit of the Sleek & Smooth™ pillowcase was the reduction of bedhair. Ed's hair still looks messy upon arising, but a quick brushing brings it back to a presentable styling!



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The Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase Redirects Traditional Focus on Solutions to "Bed Head Hair” and “Sheetface” from the pillow to the pillowcase.

All traditional pillowcases are made of flat frabic. Up to now no one has developed a three dimensional fabric suitable for use as a pillowcase surface. DermaSaver worked with textile engineers to produce such a surface and the Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase was born!

Your head weighs about eight pounds and can put as much as 3 pounds per square inch on the prominences of the head (jaw, cheek bones, forehead, nose, and ears). That's enough to choke off blood capillary flow and starve collagen and soft tissue of oxygen and nutrients. Lack of blood flow can also trap waste toxins in localized areas of the soft tissue. This along with constant pressure crushing the skin and underlying soft tissue can cause damage to tissue structure. The constant friction of a woven cotton pillowcase grinds away at the skin surface and the cotton fibers suck moisture from the skin and hair. Certainly there are other factors that destroy skin sun overexposure, smoking, stress, gravity and bad nutrition all play a role. But, did you ever wonder why some people have badly wrinkled faces yet the skin on other body parts, such as the arms, remains smooth? Certainly sleeping facial pressure and friction may play a key role in this phenomenon!

Another benefit of the Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase is the reduction of "bedhead hair". Prior to using the How the Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase was developed pillowcase, Ed Goodwin, the inventor of DermaSaver, woke up with a bedhair "permanent" each morning. No amount of combing or brushing could undo the messy hair that developed from a nights sleep. Only a shampoo and new styling could make a presentable hairdo. Another surprising benefit of the How the Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase was developed pillowcase was the reduction of bedhair. Ed's hair still looks messy upon arising, but a quick brushing brings it back to a presentable styling!





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Top Layer Fiber Content: 44% CuTEC copper/polyester fibers, 44% Polyester MicroSpring Textile,
12 % stretch spandex knit

Bottom Layer Fiber Content: 46% polyester, 46% cotton, 8% spandex
Contains no Latex.

Standard Size 20x26 $69.99 + SH
Queen Size 20x30 $79.99 + SH
King Size 20x36 $89.99 + SH

Custom sizes and shapes are available.

Machine wash and dry. Remove promply from dryer and lay flat. Launder prior to first use.
Lower temperatures will result in longer life.
Turn pillowcase inside-out prior to laundering to preserve smooth surface fibers. Do not iron.

Color: Beige.

Made in the USA.
Patent pending.


Your Sleek & Smooth™ Pillowcase with ship from our Norwood MA factory by UPS ground.
estimated delivery time:

East Coast : 1-3 business days
Central: 2-4 business days
West Coast: 4-5 business days


Makes a great gift too!

$69.99 Standard
$79.99 Queen
$89.99 King
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Anti-microbial properties make it fantastic for travel!!





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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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